My First Keto Day

20 Aug

Hello! It’s my first day to be on a Keto diet. My Keto friends say I need to eat fats to lose fats so I am having these three meals for the day.

Since I am just starting, all foods will be mainly grilled or fried in butter or olive oil.

This is my schedule:

Breakfast – 2 sunny side up egg, 3 slices of bacon, and a cup of buttered beans and mushroomLunch – 2 keto fried chicken drumsticks and 1.5 cups of steamed brocolli with roasted garlic

Early Dinner – 6 half sticks of frozen fresh cucumber, 1 medium-sized orange and 2 hard-boiled eggs

Okay, so you noticed I had oranges, which is not so ketogenic, right? Pardon me because I was not aware that oranges are a no-no for keto (I didn’t checked on Google). It’s just my first day so it’s a trial and error for now and, I think, for a couple of weeks. I am still testing the waters.

I also mentioned that I had my early dinner. Yes, I ate it at 3:45pm because I’ll also be on intermittent fasting until tomorrow, 8:00am. This will be a regular and strict rule, too, along with my keto diet.


Preparing My Keto Food

19 Aug

Last Sunday, I decided to prepare my baon for the whole week. These are just a few of what I cooked. I’ll just buy the other stuff I need soon. I know I need more Keto fruits to satisfy my cravings for sweets.

So there, I won’t be feeding you with wordy posts. I guess my future posts will also be like this one, short and with a few photos only. Just to give you a glimpse of what I do daily under Keto.

Decided and Determined

19 Aug

This was taken last July 22 while I was shopping for a white top, which I can use every Monday at work. After several times of fitting different blouses, this I think was the best.

You know, it’s really hard to find clothes that will fit perfectly on you, especially when you’re at your fattest. Most often than not, it’s really frustrating to see yourself gaining pounds every single day.

That is why I decided to be on a Keto diet. I’ve known a few mommy-blogger friends advocating this weight loss program and I see positive results. Now it’s my turn to try it, too. Wish me luck!